Urbalterre Consulting

Urbalterre is a multidisciplinary consulting company. We have earned a reputation for the diverse skills of our engineers, architects, geographers, urban designers, and planners and for building teams that cross traditional barriers to create innovative solutions.

Urbalterre’s integrated consulting approach helps clients address each project’s economic potential, while promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility to create sustainable solutions for the built environment.

Christian Boyer and Dominique Dias founded Urbalterre. For decades, they have been providing consulting on sustainable development to many communities in both mainland France and overseas.
They began their careers serving as members of several French Ministries, managing public policies and public projects (urban development, airport construction, housing policies, rural development,).

For ten years, they worked together for the Scientific and Technical Network of the French Ministry for Housing and Sustainable Development, developing methods and solutions for the building of livable, sustainable communities. Then they moved to the private consulting company Semaphores.

They have recently partnered together to create their own company.

Christian Boyer and Dominique Dias are both former Civil Engineers for the French Government.

Christian Boyer is an engineer and a geographer, specializing in development, housing and land-use policy.

Dominique Dias is an engineer and an architect, specializing in planning and sustainable urban development design

Among its missions, Urbalterre is making :

Expertise of the French Riviera Territory Guideline Plan for the French State

Chalmazel Ski Resort Project